Screw your carrier, here's how to enable RCS in the Messages app yourself right now

Although there seemed to be some warnings, the four major US operators. UU. They recently announced that they would finally act together and launch a joint RCS system, bringing modern messages to US customers. UU. At some point next year. Too little, too late, carriers. Earlier today, some people discovered how to enable RCS by force on any recent phone here in the US. UU. Through the Google Messages application. At first, it sounded too good to be true, but in our own tests, it works.

In case you are not familiar with RCS, the very short version is that it provides a ton of additional functionality in addition to the basic SMS experience we are stuck with here in the United States. It's more like iMessage or an instant messaging application, which provides you with things like typing indicators, better group chats, support for better file/media sharing and read receipts. In short, it is the right successor to SMS, something that much of the world outside the US. UU. He has already moved.

Although Google took the launch of RCS in its own hands in Europe earlier this summer, we have been caught with the slow and inconsistent tyranny of the various implementations of incompatible operators here in the US. UU., Where certain combinations of devices and operators work in different ways, with different interoperability between networks. While operators recently pledged to fix that, this solution completely omits them.

Thanks to the people of the subreddit / r / UniversalProfile (specifically u / sh0ch, u / LinkofHyrule yu / NashRadical) for discovering the necessary steps.

There are only a few steps necessary for RCS to work on your phone, but you must run the latest beta version of the Google Messages application. You will have to opt for the beta version of the Play Store here. Note that at the time of writing this, this probably won't work if you don't have the latest beta version.

You will also need to have the third-party activity initiator application (also available on APK Mirror) installed so that we can use it to flip a flag in the Messages application. Please note that any activity initiator, such as the one integrated into Nova Launcher, can also be used, we simply document the instructions with that application.

The process below can take only 3-5 minutes, longer if you have a problem. I recommend booking at least ten minutes or so and trying to have these instructions open on another device so you don't have to constantly switch between applications to read them.

Once you have the latest versions of both applications installed, just follow the steps below on the phone on which you want to enable RCS. Also note that there may be other prerequisites that we do not yet know, in case any of the options or configurations required for the configuration does not appear for you.

On the phone for which you want to enable RCS, do the following:

1. Turn off Wi-Fi (may interfere with settings).

2. Open the Activity Launcher application.

3. Touch the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, select "All activities".

4. Scroll down to "Messages," tap it.
5. In the Messages sub-list, scroll to "Set RCS Flags," tap it.

6. On the screen that opens, touch the drop-down menu under "ACS URL" and touch the option called "".

7. Touch the drop-down menu for "OTP Pattern" and set it to "Your \ messenger \ verification \ score \ sis \ sG - (\ d {6})".

8. Touch "Apply" at the end of the list.

9. Force the closure of the Messages application. (Many ways to access this: through Settings -> Applications -> All applications -> Messages -> Force stop on Android Q, sometimes holding down the application or touching the application icon in the multitasking / recent menu It will show an "Application info" that takes you to the same screen).
10. Reopen Messages, you should have a banner at the bottom of the screen, something like "New! See when friends are writing", which tells you to configure RCS / Chat for Messages.

11. Press "Update now" on that banner and follow the configuration process, it should be completed in a few minutes.

You can verify that it is enabled through the new features related to RCS, such as the typing indicators that you will see incompatible conversations with others that have RCS. It can also be indicated with a "Connected" status for Chat in Messages, which is accessed through the three-point menu -> Settings -> Chat functions.

My phone had some problems during the setup process when trying to verify my phone number. Although the Google 2FA code was received by SMS, Messages did not want to read it. If that happens and RCS does not start working for you (and you can check if the configuration was completed correctly through the three-point menu in the corner of Messages -> Settings -> Chat Features -> Any warning at the top of this screen) there are some troubleshooting steps you can follow.

Try the following steps if you have problems:

  • Force stop the Messages application and open it again.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Clear application data for "Operator Services".
  • However, access "All applications" in your Android version (sometimes Configuration -> Applications -> All applications), search for "Operator services" and delete the application data (sometimes in a submenu "Storage ").
  • Some also reported that they succeeded in installing Operator Services if it was not previously present on their devices. It is available in Play Store.
  • Redo the steps in the "Instructions" section above, verify that you have set "OPT Pattern" to "Your \ messenger \ verification \ code \ sis \ sG - (\ d {6})" and "ACS Url" to " "in the" Set RCS indicators "menu.
  • If it still doesn't work, try manually checking your phone number:
  • In the Messages application, go to the 3-point menu -> Settings -> Chat functions -> Status: Settings ...
  • Touch "Verify" and enter your phone number (without the country code, there is a separate entry for that).
  • Some report that multiple (3+) attempts were required for RCS to function properly. Your experience may be different.

We have tested the above steps in a Pixel 4 in T-Mobile and a OnePlus 7 Pro operator brand in T-Mobile. Other reports from our readers and elsewhere indicate general support here in the states of a wide range of operators and devices, effectively preventing operators from enabling RCS through Google. However, keep in mind that not all RCSs are created in the same way, and this may not allow you to use all new features with some other implementations. However, you should still use SMS gracefully for unsupported conversations.

There is a decent possibility that this path to enable RCS is not intended for the user, so Google could disable or remove it at any time. Still, at this time, you can get RCS through Google Jibe in Posts without stupid operator restrictions, and that is all anyone has been asking for.

  • Thank you:
  • Adam,
  • Tyler
  • Robert
  • Danny
  • Justin
  • Joseph,
  • Starks
  • and all who sent this
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